Ready. Set. Sprint.

Dashr | Sprint is a state-of-the-art information management platform for athletic performance testing data. The software uses the Dashr app to automatically link test data to specific athletes. Simply create a roster and upload your team or combine's information to the online portal, link your phone to your account, and get ready to test! The additional features of Dashr | Sprint are compatible with all existing Dashr 2.0 timing systems hardware.

Pricing of Dashr | Sprint is based off Roster Spots, which can be purchased in bundles of 100 or more. Each new athlete requires a Roster Spot that stays with them as long as they are in your program. An athlete can stay on your roster(s) for an indefinite amount of time without incurring additional roster charges. Jump data and biometric information can be added, creating a more complete picture of each athlete. Roster Spots cannot be reused for other athletes; a new athlete requires a new Roster Spot.

Ditch those index cards and let Dashr be your on the field app for collecting and storing performance data!

Each athlete is assigned an identifier at check-in that allows for efficient linking of athletes and results.  With the purchase of roster spots comes the free option of manually assigning the identifiers (numeric entry). As you look towards the future to make testing go even faster, Dashr offers several options using its AutoID Technology. Reusable RFID wristbands or single-use barcoded bands can be used to allow athletes to check themselves into events. With this technology, Dashr handles the record keeping and you can focus on coaching.

Performance testing has never been so easy, affordable, consistent, and accurate. Pitch the pen and speed up your testing with Dashr | Sprint. Check out the Set-Up page for operational details.

Roster Spots
Each of your unique athletes will use a single roster spot for as long as they are with your program. Roster spots do not expire and will stay as a credit on your account until you assign them all.
AutoID Kits
Effortlessly link Dashr test results to your athlete's Dashr Sprint roster spot. Each AutoID kit comes with all the hardware needed to perform one to four simultaneous drills. Each athlete will require a Roster Spot and either an RFID band or a barcode band. Additional Roster Spots, RFID bands , and barcode bands can be purchased below.
Barcode Products
Barcode bands can be used to quickly identify an athlete at each drill on testing day. By giving all athletes a barcoded wristband, they can check themselves into the event, automatically associating their result with their profile. Barcodes are a lower cost option that enables programs of all sizes from small high schools through large combines to access this efficiency. The bands can be read using the camera on the mobile device or through using an external scanner available from Dashr.
RFID Products
RFID wristbands are a great option for programs that are frequently testing the athletes. These bands are reusable and can be used day after day to continue tracking your athlete's progress, they can also be reassigned to different athletes (unlike the Roster The RFID bands require the usage of an RFID module. Each simultaneous drill requires its own RFID module.