Good Bye 2020 Sale!

2020 has been a year for the books... fires, earthquakes, murder hornets, pandemic... should we go on?


But the finish line is in sight!

So we are bringing back the Dash Kit Special to celebrate!

Dash Kit Special

Dash Kit Special

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Offer includes discounted price plus an additional tripods and phone holder!

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Testing performance is crucial to reaching the top level of any sport and practice is the key to improvement. When you get the opportunity to perform at a combine or tryout - your results will speak for you. 

The Dash Kit contains two timing gates and allows athletes to test dashes and flys up to 60 yd/m, Pro-Agility, L-Drill, T-Test, RAST,

and 505... Independently or with your club/team!


Testing slightly different 3-point stances and experimenting with changing direction for a Pro-Agility can greatly

improve your test scores.

Check out these online resources for testing improvement, from experienced coaches in the game!


Pro-Agility (5-10-5 shuttle)

L-Drill (3-Cone Drill)


505 Agility Drill


Running-Based Anaerobic Sprint Test (RAST)


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