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Dashr is a sports performance measurement company that is revolutionizing the world of sports science. Founded in 2015 by Chase Pfeifer, Tom Frederick and Joey Palmowski, Dashr now offers professional grade electronic timing gates at a fraction of the price of its competitors. It is our vision that Dashr will open opportunities for athletic programs and facilities of all sizes and budgets, giving athletes a standard to evaluate their training against and resources to better prepare themselves for the next level. Our goal is to provide products and resources that will assist your athletes in reaching their full potential. Currently products provide intuitive and efficient timing for tests such as the 40 yard dash and pro-agility. Soon there will be additional products that focus on measuring reaction time and vertical jump. Stay tuned!

Our Founders

Chase Pfeifer, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Chase Pfeifer has a doctoral degree in biomedical engineering, as well as master's and bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering. He has several years of experience with device design, biomechanics, and athletic performance testing. He worked with thousands of student athletes and dozens of coaches while performing research at the Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab.  His experience in athletic performance testing and the relationships he has built with renowned athletic professionals and sports science companies makes him a pivotal member of the Dashr team for understanding the needs of coaches to develop elite performance testing products.

Tom Frederick, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer

Tom Frederick has doctoral, master's and bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering. He has a wide range of entrepreneurial experiences through various ventures including medical devices, educational products, and solutions for the construction industry. Tom has used his creativity and expertise in the development of seven patents.  His endeavors have resulted in three other companies, most recently Higher Order Innovation. Tom specializes in mechnical design and its integration into electrical and software systems. His knowledge of microcontrollers, sensors, mobile app development, and manufacturing makes him essential for the continued design and development of Dashr products.

Joey Palmowski, M.S.

Director of Software Development

Joey Palmowski has master's and bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering. He has experience as a research fellow working on multiple motion analysis studies, industrial experience working on design and project management of various mechanical and software systems, and research experience on the design and prototyping of robotic systems for surgical applications. These experiences have served him well in support of Dashr's continuous product development efforts. He now heads the software development team, striving to build innovative solutions for Dashr's expanding suite of digital products and platforms.

Our Products
Dash Kit.jpg

Timing Systems Hardware

Our flagship product is a wireless electronic timing system that can be used to perform a variety of running tests. The modular system can be configured for dash events, pro-agility and shuttle runs, laps, as well as programmed for custom events. Kits are available with one to four lasers and come in standard and outdoor versions.

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Dashr Sprint Software

The newest Dashr product is Dashr Sprint, an online roster management system. By integrating with existing Dashr hardware, Dashr Sprint allows for automated digital record keeping.


Dashr App

The Dashr electronic timing system is entirely wireless and is controlled by the Dashr mobile app. All timing kits require an Android or iOS compatible device to use the mobile app and the hardware simultaneously.  The Dashr app also syncs with Dashr Sprint software. 



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