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Redline + Dashr

Redline and Dashr have partnered to put together a testing equipment package to best suit the needs of Redline facilities.

The Redline Package includes our 4-Gate System containing 4 timing gates with hardware to support up to four tall timing gates (two regular tripods) and/or two short timing gate (two mini tripods). It can be used for dash and flying drills (including splits), pro-agility drills, T-test, lane agility drills, lap events, 5-0-5 agility, RAST, ect. Multiple drills can be run at the same time. 

Redline Package

Drills + Packages

Different drills can be performed depending on which packages you select. Please see the chart for specifics. 

Drills for redline package.

Maximize with Dashr

Maximize your testing and training with Dashr. 

Check out the list of drills/tests/measurements below, click on “Details + Setup” to see a demonstration of the drill and how to set it up with the Dashr app and hardware.


A diagram of the reactive agility drill.

Reactive Agility Test (RAT)

A diagram of the vertical jump drill.

Vertical Jump / Max Vertical

Biometrics demo.

Biometric Measurements

Reactive shuttle demo.

Reactive Shuttle

505 drill.

505 Agility

User Manual and Safety Instructions

Please review the User Manual and Safety Instructions prior to setting up any drills.