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GETHIGHLIGHTED Collegiate Recruiting


Partners in sports performance and collegiate recruiting.

GETHIGHLIGHTED and the Epley Advantage Performance Index (API), powered by Dashr, motivate Student Athletes to train to achieve their best athletic and academic futures.

GETHIGHLIGHTED is the ONLY collegiate sports recruiting network matching Student Athletes and College Coaches on certified, scientifically-validated sports performance data.

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The Power of the GETHIGHLIGHTED Partnership

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Certification Requirements

Dashr 2-Gate System Minimum

Enables certified speed + agility scores.

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Dashr Annual API License

Unlimited testing + reporting.

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Dashr Roster Spots

Individual + team API reporting, automated data storage/management.

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New revenue opportunities on GETHIGHLIGHTED registrations and API retesting*

Exclusive GETHIGHLIGHTED Partnership Pricing

GETHIGHLIGHTED Network Scholarships to level the playing field for all Student Athletes

GETHIGHLIGHTED Regional Performance Manager to assist with marketing, equipment training, and combine facilitation

*Partnership requires at least a Dashr 2-Gate Timing System, a 1-year API License to unlock unlimited reporting, and Dashr Roster Spots.

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