Dashr and Rock Daisy.

RockDaisy AMS

RockDaisy + Dashr

Integration made Simple.

Dashr now integrates with RockDaisy allowing the seamless flow of data from your Dashboard directly to your RockDaisy account!

RockDaisy AMS gives you the opportunity to focus on the important parts of human performance while offering a better use of resources to assist in every aspect of team improvement.

A person running.
Seamless rockdaisy.

Streamline Operations. Centralize Data.

Use RockDaisy AMS to centralize and visualize your data.

GPS Reports

GPS Reports

Force Plates & Jump Mats

KPI Data

KPI data





Report Card

Report Card.

Daily Metric Analysis

Daily Metric Analysis

Velocity Based Training (VBT)

Velocity Based Training (VBT)