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Epley advantage performance index.

Advantage Index

The Epley Athletic Performance Index (Epley API) consists of Speed, Agility, and Power tests and is a valuable tool for identifying athletic talent. Dashr works very closely with Coach Epley to provide equipment that meets the needs and budget of coaches.


Hudl is a household name in high school sports - constantly innovating and advancing. We have partnered with Hudl - joining their Preferred Lineup - continuing the advancement of high school sports. If you are a Hudl user you get exclusive discounts on our Hudl packages!

D1 Training

D1 Training's philosophy parallels ours when it comes to the importance of knowing where you are in your athletic journey and making a plan before jumping in. Also the value of evaluating along the way to quantify the work put in and evolve your goals!

Redline Athletics


Redline Athletics is a National sports performance brand that specializes in comprehensive athletic development and speed and agility training for athletes, especially those 8-18 years of age.

Coach Me Plus Logo.


CoachMePlus is an Elite Athlete Management System that allows Coaches to achieve their athletic performance goals. CoachMePlus' strength and conditioning tools, combined with Dashr's testing suite, provides coaches with a full picture of athletic performance.

Gethighlighted logo.


GETHIGHLIGHTED and the Epley Advantage Performance Index (API), powered by Dashr, motivate Student Athletes to train to achieve their best athletic and academic futures.

RockDaisy AMS

RockDaisy’s AMS is streamlining every step of the athlete evaluation process, improving key efficiencies, and consolidating all athlete data in one place. No more endless excel documents and logging into multiple systems.

Virtual combine logo

Virtual Combine

Virtual Combine is a customizable, showcase/marketing software that allows you to collect, evaluate, store, and share data to help brand and promote your program and athletes. It saves your coaches a tremendous amount of time, and houses everything in one place.


Whether you are programming workouts from scratch, taking your program paperless, collecting better data or providing higher-quality programming, TeamBuildr was built to fit any level strength coach in any setting.