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Dashr|BioStation Biometrics Measurement

Gather Biometric Measurements Efficiently with Dashr|BioStation​

Designed to measure height, weight, reach, and wingspan, BioStation ensures accurate and comprehensive data in less than 40 seconds, effortlessly saved to the athlete’s profile in the Dashr Dashboard.

The Power of Integration

Leveraging our advanced Jump – laser distance measurement technology, the BioStation seamlessly integrates with your existing hardware, amplifying its value. By mounting Jump modules strategically, height, reach, and wingspan are precisely recorded, enhancing the depth of each athlete’s profile. With the addition of our integrated Scale, biometric data is effortlessly collected, eliminating manual input and maximizing efficiency.

Wingspan test.

Multi-Purpose Modules

BioStation’s ingenuity lies in its versatility. The Jump modules used for biometrics can be repurposed for other crucial measurements like Vertical and Broad Jump. This dual functionality not only optimizes your investment but also lets you focus on what truly matters – your team’s performance.

Common BioMetrics Used to Enhance Player Evaluations

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