BioStation Mounting Hardware


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Included is the mounting hardware used for installation of the BioStation or Bio LITE in different enviornments. These are included in the BioStation with a lesser amount included in the Bio LITE.


  • End-plate
  • Round Jump module/battery mounting plate x3
  • Adjustable clamp with arm x2
  • Adjustable clamp, no arm
  • Phone holder (to hold battery)
  • Appropriate fasteners (nuts and bolts for rack mounting, not pictured)

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Dashr Systems require an Android (version 9.0 or newer) or iOS (version 15.0 or newer) compatible device, which is not included.

A mobile network (data plan) is not needed to utilize the Dashr App, therefore any compatible device with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities can be purchased for dedicated use with the Dashr timing systems.

NOTE: If multiple drills are run simultaneously, each drill requires its own mobile device to run the Dashr App.