Elevate Your Combine Experience

At Dashr, we pride ourselves on being the trusted choice for numerous camps and combines, utilized almost every weekend of the year. We understand the unique demands of evaluating and managing diverse athlete profiles. That’s why we’ve put together smart, tailored packages designed to enhance the combine experience based on the type of athletes you are evaluating.

Why Dashr is the Ultimate Choice for Combines

ROI Simplified: Create Events that Drive Growth

Dashr transforms combine events by enhancing participant engagement, streamlining operations, and enabling accurate talent identification. We elevate event standards, guide data-driven decisions, attract sponsorships, and ensure long-term growth. With Dashr, combines thrive, fostering a competitive and engaging atmosphere while securing lasting success.

Dashr guy sprinting with lasers.

Combine Testing Setups with Dashr

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Football Combine

Baseball combine.

Baseball Combine

Basketball combine.

Basketball Combine

Soccer combine demo.

Soccer Combine

Softball combine demo.

Softball Combine

Contact Our Dashr Combine Expert

Want to walk through the details of what your testing day looks like? Our Dashr Combine Expert Matt Logston has managed well over 100 combines ranging in size from 50 to 1,500+ athletes across various sports. Please see his contact information below or fill out this form to get in contact with him. 

Matt Logston
844-443-2747 ext 706