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We use state-of-the-art technologies to provide superior results with a mobile app that is consistently up-to-date.


With hardware designed for quick setup, the intuitive design of our products makes it the most user-friendly solution on the market.


The modular design of our systems allows for quick reconfiguration through the Dashr mobile app to efficiently switch between drills.



Our systems were designed for programs of all sizes, with room to grow as your budget allows.


Speed up vertical jump testing by attaching our Jump device to your Vertec or other vane-based jump station. Measure Broad Jump electronically as well!

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Timing is Everything.

Here are a few programs that rely on us for their testing needs.

In just 5 short years we have established ourselves as the leading quality affordable timing system for programs of all sizes and levels.

- Thousands of users

- Millions of results recorded

- Global presence in more than 50 countries 

Referenced in dozens of peer-reviewed research publications

Dashr App 
All timing kits require an Android or iOS compatible device to use the mobile app and the hardware simultaneously. The Dashr app also syncs with Dashr Sprint software. Please use the following links to download the Dashr app on the appropriate device platform.

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