Dashboard Operation Tips & Tutorials

Our online Dashboard is a powerful tool for streamlining your training and testing.

Below are some short videos to show you how to use the Dashboard.

  • Creating an account
  • What are Roster Spots?
  • Adding athletes and rosters
  • Checking an athlete in on the App
  • Results tab
  • Uploading and exporting results
  • Filtering and adding a result
  • Leaderboard tab
  • Profile page
  • Athlete info
  • Epley Advantage Index Reports
  • Emailing Reports

Creating an account

If you are new to Dashr, the first thing you will want to do is to create an account. Do so by clicking the “Dashboard Login” button at the top of our website. Click the “Register now” button and follow the prompts. Video below for reference.

Adding athletes and rosters

Once logged in, navigate to the “Athletes” tab on the left and either add athletes one at a time, or upload an entire roster at once. You can also manage your Rosters here as well, great way to organize your athletes. Check out the video below for a more detailed walk through. Note that using the Dashboard is optional, but to use it properly you will need a Roster Spot for each athlete on your account. You get 10 free Roster Spots to start, you can purchase more directly through the Dashboard or our online store. Click here for more info.

In order to stay consistent, we require specific wording for sport and position info when uploading athletes to the Dashboard. You can download this list from the Dashboard. If we are missing your sport/position – please reach out and we will work to add it!

Results tab

Now that you have athletes on your account, make sure you check them in when you are testing and their data will flow directly to the Dashboard. Check out the video below for a quick walk through.

Note that the example given below is a dash drill with Dashr|Blue lasers, this Dashboard is compatible with all Dashr products – including 2.0 lasers, Jump, etc.

Checking in an athlete on the app

Once you have athletes on your account, there are several ways to check them in on the app. The simplest is to start a drill and then select the athlete from the list by scrolling or searching. You can also check them in using our RFID or Barcode systems.

Uploading and exporting results

This is a new feature for 2023. We wanted users to be able to move over old but relevant data onto a single platform to make their lives easier. If you are just using Dashr for Epley Advantage Reports – then you can drop in all your data at once instead of one result at a time. Similar to what we have always offered, you can also export your data as well. Check out the video below for details.

Filtering and adding a result

If you want to add in a result or two without doing the whole bulk upload process, you can add results one at a time on the Results Tab as well. We have also added additional filers for drills, best results, etc. Check out the video below for details.

Leaderboard tab

See your top performers and drive competition! Filter by drill, roster, sport, position, ect. Check out the video below for details.

Profile page

Account info, units, logo, subscriptions, etc. Check out the video below for details.

Athlete’s info

Manage your athlete’s information on the Dashboard – contact info, sport/position, roster(s), biometric data, etc. Check out the video below for details.

Epley Advantage Index Reports

Performance Index (EAPI) – This Athletic Performance Index is the universal language of sport. Accounting for bio-metrics, the index utilizes three tests to measure linear speed, change in direction, and power. Learn more at EpleyAdvantage.com

Strength Index (EAPI) – The Epley ASI uses bio-metrics, years of scientific research, and consistent measurement techniques. Our system ranks each athlete’s performance at a series of specific tasks based on body weight. Learn more at EpleyAdvantage.com

Try out both Indexes for FREE! Instructions below.

Epley API – Emailing reports

NEW feature added May, 2023. You can now distribute your reports via email. Simply add the athlete’s email to their profile (no, we do not have access to this information) and now you can email out single reports directly to the athlete or bulk emails to an entire roster.

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