Category: Volleyball

10-Yard Dash
This drill uses 2 or 3 Dashr|Blue Timing gates (3 if you have the 5 split). You likely already have your devices registered, if not – please check out the Flying Drill as it is the same process. Step-By-Step Instructions Running The Drill
Biometric Measurements
Height, Reach, and Wingspan – Physical Set-up Please view the installation instructions that are relevant to you, either Wall Installation, Frame Installation, or Rack Installation. Wall Installation Frame Installation Rack Installation Operating the BioStation in the App
Vertical Jump / Max Vertical
The vertical jump test is a test of lower body power and has been performed for over 100 years. When using Dashr|Jump hardware for this test you will need a Vertec or similar vane based system, and we will make it smart! You can also manually enter jump measurements into the Dashr app. Installation Instructions Step-By-Step Instructions
The Pro-Agility is a test of speed, explosion, body control, and ability to change direction. This drill uses a stationary start and requires 1 timing gate. An additional gate can be added if a 3-point start is desired. Step-By-Step Instructions