Performance gym.

Performance Gym

Cutting-Edge Performance Measurement for Gyms

We understand the pulse of the strength & conditioning industry and the evolving needs of modern athletes. Our cutting-edge technology isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer, revolutionizing the way performance gyms approach training and athlete development. Whether you’re a seasoned coach, a dedicated athlete, or a fitness enthusiast, our platform offers unparalleled advantages that transform your gym into a hub of progress and achievement.

Performance gym.

Why Dashr is the Ultimate Choice for Gyms

ROI Simplified: Proof of Progress

Through our system, coaches can effortlessly demonstrate their athletes’ improvement, giving them accurate information to showcase their athlete’s progress and the effectiveness of their training program. 

Common Performance Gym Drills Used to Enhance Performance Evaluations

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A diagram of the reactive agility drill.

Reactive Agility Test (RAT)

A diagram of the vertical jump drill.

Vertical Jump / Max Vertical

Biometrics demo.

Biometric Measurements

Reactive shuttle demo.

Reactive Shuttle

505 drill.

505 Agility