A guy dribbling a basketball about to do a crossover.


Cutting-Edge Performance Measurement for Basketball

At Dashr, we’re revolutionizing the way you approach basketball evaluations. Our cutting-edge technology is meticulously designed to optimize, improve, and streamline your drills, ensuring every moment on the court translates into meaningful progress.

Imagine performance testing that provides not just data, but accurate, actionable insights. Dashr’s advanced system empowers athletes to reach their full potential and coaches to optimize training strategies. Whether you’re working on your reaction time, enhancing your speed, or refining your agility, our technology ensures your efforts are targeted and effective.

Guy dunking.

Common Basketball Drills Used to Enhance Player Evaluations

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A diagram of the vertical jump drill.

Vertical Jump / Max Vertical

Biometrics demo.

Biometric Measurements

Lane agility demo.

Lane Agility

Reactive shuttle demo.

Reactive Shuttle

3/4 court demo.

3/4 Court Dash with 10 Split

Step Up Your Basketball Combines with Dashr

Basketball combines are stepping stones for aspiring athletes, offering a chance to showcase their skills and secure a spot in higher-level competitions.

While the day of the event is exciting, organizing a basketball combine involves intricate details. That’s why we created our Basketball Combine Package, designed to streamline the entire process, ensuring your basketball combine is a slam dunk success.


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