Lane Agility

Assess a player's agility and lateral movements around the basketball key, a crucial skill for on-court performance. Featured in the NBA Combine testing, this drill helps athletes refine their agility techniques, ensuring a competitive edge on the court.

Lane agility demo.

Drill Instructions

This drill uses 1 Dashr|Blue Timing gate. You likely already have your devices registered, if not – please check out the T-Test as it is the same process.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Navigate to the Lane Agility drill. Sports Collections > Basketball > Lane Agility
  • To set-up this drill you will have a starting gate in line with the free-throw line.
  • You will want the starting gate on regular tripods, around waist high. As the athlete starts to move forward, they will enter the laser which starts the clock.
  • This gate will also act as the finish.
  • Power on the lasers, and connect it in the app.
  • Once connected, press “Start Testing”.

Running The Drill

  • Check in the appropriate athlete (details here) – optional.
  • Have the athlete line up just behind the start laser.
  • With QuickRun on, the athlete can start when they are ready and the 0.00 will turn blue.
  • Have them run/shuffle around the box as outlined in the schematic above, a time will be recorded as they cross the laser at the finish.