What are Dashr Roster Spots and AutoID Technology?

Dashr Roster Spots are the software supporting athlete/roster management and test result saving and storage. These are credits that allow you to add athletes onto your account. Roster Spots start out at $1/athlete (min of 20 per purchase – cost/athlete is tiered on volume) and for that dollar the athlete can be on your account for as long as you would like, there is no yearly fee. Athletes can be added directly through our dashboard one at a time or uploaded in bulk through a spreadsheet. Athletes can also be added to your account one at a time through the Dashr App. Rosters can also be created to organize your athletes by sport, team, year, etc. Results can be viewed, sorted, and exported to a Excel sheet.

Dashr’s AutoID technology is how we identify the athlete before they test. This informs the system on who is testing, and then the result is appropriately saved. There are four forms of identification – note that all four require Roster Spots:

  1. Roster List – Does not require any additional hardware. Select the clipboard icon at the top right of the testing page and pick and athlete to check-in. Repeat as necessary. Great for smaller groups where you can scroll to a name, or athletes that were not assigned a BadgeID. This method is very intuitive, though the other methods are more efficient for larger groups.
  2. Numeric Entry – Does not require any additional hardware. Simply assign each athlete a Badge ID (number) through the dashboard (individually editing the athlete or bulk upload) or app (numeric entry/barcode tile) and check them in within the drill when it is their turn to test. Initial Badge ID assignment with numeric entry is efficient, it is ideal for lower budgets, but it requires constant interaction with the device – entering in Badge IDs – so it is not as automated as the Barcode and RFID options.
  3. Barcode – Requires each athlete to have a unique barcode. Barcoded bands (disposable but water/sweat resistant) can be purchased from Dashr, but you can supply your own bands, bibs, stickers, etc. We also sell Bluetooth barcode scanners that integrate with our app for a more hands-off the app testing. Alternatively, you can use the camera on your phone (camera icon at top right of testing page) to scan a barcode. The barcode method is great for camps or combines where the athlete can wear the band for the day or weekend for identification and testing.
  4. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) – Requires an RFID module at each testing station and a RFID band for each athlete. Give each athlete and RFID band and register that band to the athlete through the RFID tile in the Dashr App. Athlete can then bump their band against the RFID module at each drill before the test and the system will recognize them and save the data appropriately. This bands are durable – long lasting silicone, and can be reassigned to different athletes. RFID is ideal for teams or training facilities that are testing/timing the same athletes often. When purchased in bulk, RFID bands can be branded to your team or facility. Email us at vasb@qnfueflfgrzf.pbz if you would like to learn more about custom bands.

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