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Discover Precision Timing with Dashr’s Cutting-Edge Timing Systems

Dashr’s Timing Systems are your gateway to accurate and efficient timing. Each system comes equipped with all the essential hardware, seamlessly integrating with your phone or tablet through the intuitive Dashr App. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, our systems deliver flawless performance, ensuring precise measurements in any setting.

Versatile and Modular​

Our Blue lasers offer unparalleled flexibility. Mix and match equipment to measure exactly what you need. Plus, our modular design allows you to expand your system as your program grows. With Dashr, adaptability is at your fingertips.

Dashr’s Timing Systems are designed for simplicity. They’re as straightforward as electronic timing gets, ensuring you spend less time setting up and more time focusing on your athletes.


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Tailored Precision​

Our standard lasers feature internal programming of our single beam correction algorithm, guaranteeing accurate body detection. Need increased sensitivity? We can customize the lasers to match your specific requirements, usually at no extra cost. Contact us today.

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Foster Friendly Competition

Show off your talent’s times with our display pack. Dashr displays can be mounted on a tripod or on the wall with wireless connectivity up to 100 feet. The speediest athletes can compete for our speed club bands.

Outdoor Performance Upgrades

For outdoor events, enhance your system with Heat Shield, maximizing performance even under the sun’s glare. Dashr’s commitment to seamless timing extends to every environment.

Timing Systems Innovation

At Dashr, we take pride in our ongoing commitment to innovation. Over the years, we’ve continually enhanced our timing systems through cutting-edge hardware, intuitive mobile app features, and a user-friendly online dashboard.

Our evolution has led to the creation of a range of laser timing gates, each designed to cater to diverse athletic needs. Explore the variety of timing gates we offer, all backed by our dedication to provide unparalleled precision and performance in sports measurement technology.

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Explore Advanced Tools for Comprehensive Athletic Assessment

Looking to elevate your training and testing methods? Dashr offers more than just the basics. Dive into a world of advanced ID solutions designed to enhance every aspect of your athletic performance analysis.

Common Timing Drills Used to Enhance Player Evaluations

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Reactive shuttle demo.

Reactive Shuttle

505 drill.

505 Agility