Football player posing.


Cutting-Edge Performance Measurement for Football

Evaluate athletes on the gridiron like never before with Dashr. Our system offers a wide variety of efficient, accurate, and data-driven drills to push your athletes and understand capabilities. Whether it’s speed, agility, or explosive power, Dashr ensures every movement is measured accurately, providing coaches and players with valuable insights. Transform practices and train smart with Dashr.

Common Football Drills Used to Enhance Player Evaluations

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40 yard dash demo.

40 Yard Dash


A diagram of the vertical jump drill.

Vertical Jump / Max Vertical

Biometrics demo.

Biometric Measurements

Reactive agility qb.

QB Reactive Agility

Long snap demo.

Long Snapping

Route Timing

Route Timing

Step Up Your Football Combines with Dashr

Football combines are vital stages for rising athletes, offering a chance to showcase skills and secure opportunities at advanced levels. Organizing a football combine demands careful coordination and execution.

Trusted by renowned teams like the Bills, Saints, Patriots, Seahawks, etc. and national combine series like Under Armour Next, Football University, and ESPN Top 300, Dashr ensures athletes are equipped with top-notch technology, enhancing their journey to professional leagues. Introducing our Football Combine Package, meticulously designed to streamline every aspect, ensuring your football combine achieves outstanding success on and off the field.

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