Route Timing

Perfecting routes is a meticulous art in football, requiring endless repetitions and coordination among players. With Dashr's technology, the time taken to get into position with your route becomes measurable. Imagine the efficiency gained by assigning a numerical value to each movement. Whether it's an Out Route or any other route, Dashr ensures your moves are sharp, precise, and perfectly timed.

Route Timing

Drill Instructions

This drill uses 2 or 3 Dashr|Blue Timing gates (3 if you have the 5 split). You likely already have your devices registered, if not – please check out the Flying Drill as it is the same process.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • You will use a 2-point start for this drill, so we recommend using the Flying drill or the 10 yard dash under Sport Collections > Volleyball > 10 yd Dash. Both will do the same thing.
  • To set-up this drill you will have a starting gate on regular tripods extended to about waist height.
  • If you are including a split, set that up on regular tripods as well.
  • Set-up the finish laser at waist height at the 10 yard mark.
  • Power on all lasers, and connect them one at a time.
  • Once all devices are connected, press “Start Testing”.

Running The Drill

  • Check in the appropriate athlete (details here) – optional.
  • With QuickRun on, when the athlete moves through the starting gate -timing will start (time will turn blue – indicating that timing is taking place), and you get a result when you cross the next gate.
  • With QuickRun off (option in settings) you will see “Set” and “Reset” buttons to give you control of when a test starts. Press “Set” once the athlete is ready to take off. Press “Reset” to clear the time for the next athlete.