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Upgrade to Dashr | Blue


Dashr|Blue is our newest state-of-the-art timing gate technology and is replacing our Dashr 2.0 timing gates.

What does Dashr|Blue off
Blue checkmark.png
Blue checkmark.png
Blue checkmark.png
Increased range and consistency - up to 100+ meters*

New app connection protocol - speeding up set-up

Hardware upgrades - upgraded laser, power switch, etc.
2.0 timing gates will continue to be supported for current functionality, but most new features, drills, etc. will only be available with Blue.

Blue and 2.0 can be used in parallel, so you can have both systems on the field running different drills. However, you CANNOT mix Blue and 2.0 in the same drill as they have different Bluetooth protocols and capabilities. When using our Rosters technology, all data from both systems will be sent to the online Dashboard.
Blue and 2.0.png
If you currently have Dashr 2.0 lasers, you are eligible to upgrade them to Dashr|Blue lasers!
How to complete the upgrade:
  1. Chose a quantity of this item to match how many 2.0 lasers you are returning and upgrading.

  2. Complete check-out.

  3. We will ship you your new Dashr|Blue lasers with a return label.

  4. Remove your Blue lasers and return label from the package you receive, repack the box with your old 2.0 lasers (batteries removed).

  5. Tape up the box and place the return label over the old one on the box.

  6. Place the box with the 2.0 in your mailbox (USPS) for pick-up!

Note that if the 2.0 lasers are not returned within 30 days of receiving the new Blue lasers, you will be charged $165/laser - the difference between this program and a Blue laser.
*Range is the effective range tested prior to release. Actual results can vary depending on the specific phone/tablet that is used, and environmental factors.
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