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Put the speed back in speed testing.

Save hours on data entry. Data recorded for you athletes through your Dashr App can be automatically sent directly to CoachMePlus via instant data API.

No tapping or typing required.

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CoachMePlus and Dashr allows you to collect the data you need in no time and easily share it with your athletes. 

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Create Leaderboards

Get a clear picture of your team’s speeds. CoachMePlus instantly visualizes all speed data in a standard report to minimize Excel time.

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Communicate Better

Push athlete speed scores directly to your athletes’ phones. Athletes can easily see their current and historic speed scores on their athlete profile.

Centralize Athlete Data

Create real-time athlete dashboards that allow you and your athletes to instantly visualize all your athletes’ key data for deep analytical use.

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Interested on how to get started with CoachMePlus and Dashr?

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