Frequently Asked Questions

Is there way to title different events so the times are organized accordingly on the website?

Question: For example, I do 2 different “flying” sprints. One is a 5-15 acceleration (with lasers on the 5 and 15 yard line) and the other is a Flying 10 (30 yard build to 10 yards of lasers). So technically they’re both flying but I want them to be organized differently. As well, if I wanted to do a timed 1st to 2nd base on a baseball field, and a timed 1st to 3rd. Both would be a “dash” (in-beam start) but 2 different tests.

Answer: Yes. On the connection page there is a field called Lane ID. This is here for you to differentiate between slight differences in the drill. For example, assign a lane ID of 1 for the 5yd build and 2 for the 30yd build.

You can do the same thing for base running, or you can go into the baseball specific drills and select the appropriate base to base combination.