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Boyd Epley

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“Boyd Epley is a veteran strength and conditioning coach whose name has become synonymous with the profession.” – USA Strength & Conditioning Coaches Hall of Fame

Dashr works very closely with Coach Epley to provide equipment that meets the needs and budget of coaches. Coach Epley is a firm believer in the importance of accurate and convenient data collection in training and testing. His support, insight, and innovation continue to drive our development.

D1 Training

D1 Training's philosophy parallels ours when it comes to the importance of knowing where you are in your athletic journey and making a plan before jumping in. Also the value of evaluating along the way to quantify the work put in and evolve your goals! We are honored to be the official testing equipment of D1 Training.

Click here for info on D1 packages.

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Software Integrations

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CoachMePlus is an Elite Athlete Management System that allows Coaches to achieve their athletic performance goals. CoachMePlus' strength and conditioning tools, combined with Dashr's testing suite, provides coaches with a full picture of athletic performance. Learn more about our automated integration and how to get set-up here!


Virtual Combine is a customizable, showcase/marketing software that allows you to collect, evaluate, store, and share data to help brand and promote your program and athletes. It analyzes your data, runs promotional ads on your athletes, saves your coaches a tremendous amount of time, and houses everything in one place.  Learn more here!

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