Control all of your sports training, monitoring, and Dashr data in one intuitive platform. Android and iOS compatible.


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Note: The CoachMePlus SF Comprehensive Team System License is for one year (12 calendar months) and does not include Dashr hardware.


Jump tests. Sprint times. Velocity based training metrics. Integrate your data from Dashr timing/jump systems, barbell tracking devices, force plates, and other SimpliFaster (SF) hardware tools on one connected platform. This solution supports a high performance model, keeping sport coaches, performance staff, and medical professionals on the same page. The suite also includes the subjective monitoring tools and standard features for programming training sessions.

  • Import Device Data- Seamlessly automate and batch upload training/testing data from the cloud or from your smart device.
  • Real-Time Dashboards- Get immediate updates of athlete wellness, training, and recovery with simple data visualizations.
  • Velocity Based Training Compliant- Integrate all popular devices into your training and testing records.
  • Staff and Athlete Messaging- Leverage smartphones properly with in app messaging to ensure coach and athlete privacy.
  • ZenDesk Support- Receive the best customer care by CoachMePlus support staff.

CoachMePlus SF Comprehensive Team System

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CoachMePlus System
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