Build and optimize your API testing efficiency and experience with the Speed Station – 10 or 40 Yard Dash.


The 2-Gate System contains 2 timing gates with hardware to support up to two tall timing gates (two regular tripods) and/or one short timing gate (two mini tripods). It can be used for dash and flying drills, pro-agility drills, T-test, lane agility drills, lap events, 5-0-5 agility, RAST, etc. This system is designed for indoor and outdoor conditions – though Heat Shields are suggested for outdoor use.


  • 2 laser modules
  • 2 reflectors
  • 4 regular tripods
  • 2 mini tripods
  • Aluminum Case (18.5x14x6.25 inches)

EAN: 0657664506562

Want to go hands free? Add on an additional tripod and phone holder!

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Dashr Systems require an Android (version 9.0 or newer) or iOS (version 15.0 or newer) compatible device, which is not included.

A mobile network (data plan) is not needed to utilize the Dashr App, therefore any compatible device with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities can be purchased for dedicated use with the Dashr timing systems.

NOTE: If multiple drills are run simultaneously, each drill requires its own mobile device to run the Dashr App.