Frequently Asked Questions

Tips for connecting to bluetooth?

To connect to Bluetooth, please follow these steps first:

  1. Ensure lasers are turned on one at a time and registered. If more than one are on, they will both show up and you will not know which one you registered.
  2. The drill is set-up with the laser(s) on and hitting the reflector(s).
  3. You select the laser (number you assigned it) from the drop down list and press connect.
  4. Once all required devices are connected you hit the “Start testing” button.

The most common reason a device does not connect is because it got mixed up in registration. Example – You think you are trying to connect laser #1, but really the app is looking for laser #3 (#3 was written on the laser but assigned #1 in the app).

To see if this is the case, go into Device Registration and removing all of the lasers. Then go through and register them again, one at a time.

If this does not do the trick, uninstall and reinstall the app – then register the lasers.