Frequently Asked Questions

Troubleshooting: Stop gate isn’t giving a result

The Dashr 2.0 timing system is validated at heavily tested up to 60 yards. Any distance further than that will likely have wireless communication issues, so we do not recommend anything over 60 yards.

If you are testing 60 yards or less at are not getting times for every run:

  1. Make sure your phone/device is not on the ground – this blocks the Bluetooth antenna and drastically reduces the capabilities of the device.
  2. Make sure you do not have a bulky case on your device – again this can limit your Bluetooth range.
  3. Hold the edges of the phone and position it between you and the gates, your hand and your body can also impact your device’s Bluetooth range. Note that we offer tripods and phone holders to maximize your device’s range – these are included in the outdoor kits.
  4. When possible, stand near the halfway point between the gates (the 30 yard mark for a 60).
  5. Other apps on your device may impact your Bluetooth capabilities, try to be closed out of all other apps if possible.