1 year license for UNLIMITED EPIC Athletic Performance Index reports.


The EPIC Index uses a complex algorithm, backed by decades of research, to measure athletic ability. Each performance test (dash, pro-agility, and vertical jump) counts towards your overall score. There is a 5 star system to help you see where you stack up and where you need work when looking to play at the college level. The score required for stars are sport specific. General athleticism is populated in this report.


Run these reports on your athletes with this purchase to credit EPIC Index Reports to your Dashr account. Hop on the Dashboard, make sure you have the proper data entered, and generate a report!


Note that each athlete requires a Roster Spot to be in the Dashr system. Ten free Roster Spots come with your account. Additional Roster Spots purchased online will be credited to your account.


*If auto-renew is selected, you can cancel anytime.

EPIC API License

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