Athlete Management

Train Smarter with the Dashr Dashboard

Dashr’s state-of-the-art online dashboard is the most user-friendly athlete management system (AMS) for performance testing on the market. Seamlessly link test data to specific athletes using our innovative Roster Spots, revolutionizing the way you manage athlete performance data.

Convenient Athlete Identification

Choose from four convenient methods to identify your athletes: Athlete List, Numeric Entry, Barcode Scanning, and RFID. With options like wireless check-in and automatic test result syncing, managing your team’s data has never been this efficient.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing model is designed with your program in mind. Each new athlete requires a Roster Spot, an affordable investment that stays with them indefinitely. Roster Spots are priced at $1 or less per athlete and credited directly to your Dashr account.