Barcode Bands

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Single-use wrist bands with unique barcodes that you can link to your Dashr Sprint account roster.

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Single-use wrist bands with unique barcodes that you can link to your Dashr Sprint account roster. Barcode bands can be used to quickly identify an athlete at each drill on testing day. By giving all athletes a barcoded wristband, they can check themselves into the event, automatically associating their result with their profile. Barcodes are a lower cost option that enables programs of all sizes from small high schools through large combines to access this efficiency. The bands can be read using the camera on the mobile device or through using an external scanner available from Dashr.  Purchase in bundles of 100, 250, 500, or 1000.

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Dashr Systems require an Android (version 9.0 or newer) or iOS (version 15.0 or newer) compatible device, which is not included.

A mobile network (data plan) is not needed to utilize the Dashr App, therefore any compatible device with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities can be purchased for dedicated use with the Dashr timing systems.

NOTE: If multiple drills are run simultaneously, each drill requires its own mobile device to run the Dashr App.