Epley Advantage
Performance Index

Originally developed in the 1960's by Boyd Epley, MEd, CSCS (the original strength coach); Mike Arthur, CSCS, RSCC*E; and Chris Eskridge, PhD; the Epley API has been battle tested time and time again. Once a well kept secret algorithm of elite sports organizations, Dashr is taking the index into the 21st century and is now publicly available!


This Performance Index is the universal language of sport.  How do your athletes stack up?



Example Reports:

What goes into the report?

- Biometrics (height, weight, age, etc.)

- 10 yd Dash (linear speed)

- Pro-Agility/5-10-5 (change of direction)

- Vertical Jump (power)


Each performance test (dash, pro-agility, and vertical jump) counts towards your overall score. There is a 5 star system to help you see where you stack up and where you need work when looking to play at the college level. The score required for stars are sport specific. General athleticism is populated in this report.

Star ranking.png