Ultimate Combine Experience GETHIGHLIGHTED


Build and optimize your API testing efficiency and experience with the Ultimate Combine Experience – maximize efficiency + experience for student athletes and spectators.

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A Pro-Grade combine visualization kit to display performance results and validate distances to fuel competition and elevate your testing event!


– 3 Dashr|Displays

– 3 USB batteries and cables

– 3 mini tripods for set-up on the ground

– Carrying case

– Vinyl floor + wall markets for the 3 performance and 1 biometric station

Display can also be mounted on the wall. Wireless connectivity up to 100 yards**.

*Not compatible with 2.0 lasers.

**Range is the effective range tested prior to release. Actual results can vary slightly depending on the specific phone/tablet that is used, and environmental factors.

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Dashr Systems require an Android (version 9.0 or newer) or iOS (version 15.0 or newer) compatible device, which is not included.

A mobile network (data plan) is not needed to utilize the Dashr App, therefore any compatible device with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities can be purchased for dedicated use with the Dashr timing systems.

NOTE: If multiple drills are run simultaneously, each drill requires its own mobile device to run the Dashr App.