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Dashr | BioStation
Speeding up biometric measurements



Our BioStation is designed to measure height, weight, reach, and wingspan. All of these measurements can be captured in under 40 sec and automatically saved to your account.

The BioStation leverages our Jump technology and allows your hardware to provide more value to you. Quickly and efficiently record the biometrics of your athletes. In order to capture height, reach, and wingspan, a Jump module is mounted above the athlete and another is mounted beside the athlete. When combined with our new integrated Scale, all of the athlete's biometrics can be gathered and saved to your account.

One of the biggest advantages that the BioStation provides to your program is the ability to reuse the Jump modules for measuring drills such as Vertical and Broad Jump. This helps to lower the necessary investment and allows you to focus on what can help your team the most.


Q - If I already have Dashr|Jump can I use to to measure biometrics?

A - Yes! You can use it to measure biometrics, if you want the mounting hardware included in our BioStation it can be purchased separately.

Q - Can I just use the scale?

A - Yes, the system does not require all measurements to be collected. So you can get a scale and measure weight with the Dashr app. Or you can just measure height if you want - all up to you.

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