Timing Systems
(Dashr 2.0 Hardware)
Our Timing Systems kit contain all the hardware necessary to perform a variety of timing events, excluding a smartphone or tablet device to run the Dashr mobile app. The standard kits work in both indoor and outdoor settings.
Outdoor kits were developed with the help of our users who wanted to reduce the risks associated with windy conditions on testing day. The Outdoor kits include weight systems, additional tripods, and phone holders so you consistently get the best performance from your hardware when dealing with unpredictable wind and wireless noise outdoors.
The timing gates are all identical and modular, meaning the different kits just have different amounts of gates and you can mix and match systems to perform your performance testing. If you are growing your program, you can continue to add onto your system. The standard lasers include internal programming of our single beam correction algorithm which ensures body detection and not just a finger flying through. However, if your application requires increased sensitivity, we can program the lasers to your needs! Usually at no additional cost.


We promise you will pick it up fast. As simple as electronic timing gets!