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Timing Systems
Dashr|Blue Hardware
Our Timing Systems contain all the hardware necessary to perform a variety of timing events, along with your phone or tablet and the Dashr mobile app. This system works in both indoor and outdoor settings. For outdoor situations we encourage adding on Heat Shield to maximize performance.

Our Blue lasers are modular - so you can mix and match systems to measure exactly what you want to. If you are growing your program, you can continue to add onto your system. The standard lasers include internal programming of our single beam correction algorithm which ensures body detection and not just a finger flying through. However, if your application requires increased sensitivity, we can program the lasers to your needs! Usually at no additional cost.
We promise you will pick it up fast. As simple as electronic timing gets!
Check out the list of drills/tests/measurements below. There is a demonstration of how to set-up and run each drill with the Dashr app and hardware.
Event sys relation.png
Dashr App 

All timing kits require an Android or iOS compatible device to use the mobile app and the hardware simultaneously.  The Dashr app also syncs with Dashr Rosters software. Please use the following links to download the Dashr app on the appropriate device platform.
Looking for more than just the basics?
Online roster management system allowing for automated digital record keeping and data analysis.
Add a reaction component to your testing and training with Dashr|React - a set of wireless Bluetooth LEDs that integrate with our lasers.
Speed up vertical jump testing by attaching our Jump device to your Vertec or other vane-based jump station. Soon you will also be able to use this device to measure Broad Jump.
Reporting (Epley API)
Research backed speed, power, and agility reporting that takes into account the athlete's size to produce a score of athleticism. See where they stand, watch them improve.
First of it's kind! Height, reach, and wingspan measured by precise lasers and our own Dashr scale for collecting weight electronically without ANY manual input.
Digital display for live viewing of results independent from the app. Build moral, foster competition, and just remove the need to answer "What was my time coach??".
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