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Basketball Game


Common drills used to evaluate basketball players.

Suggested Set-up

Common Drills:

1. Biometric measurements

2. Vertical Jump and Max Vert (Approach Vertical)

3. 3/4 Court Sprint with 10 Split

4. Lane Agility

5. T-Test

6. Reactive Agility

Basketball Combine Layout.png

Recomended Equipment:

1. Biometrics - Dashr Bio Station (or manual measurements entered into app)

2. Vertical Jump/Max Vertical - Dashr Jump + Vertec (or other jump measurement device, data entered into Dashr app)

3. 3/4 Court Sprint with 10 split - 3 Dashr timing gates (2 if no split recorded)

4. Lane Agility - 1 Dashr timing gate

5. T-Test

6. Reactive Agility - 1 Dashr timing gate and two React modules

7. Roster Spots - 1 for each athlete you are testing

Total of 5-6 gates - Dashr Timing Systems

Total of 2 React modules - Reaction Testing

Total of 0-1 Jump device - Dashr|Jump

Roster Spots for all athletes.

Dashr Bio-Station

NEW - Basketball Combine Package

3/4 Court Dash

The 3/4 Court Dash is a measure of linear speed. The test involves running a maximum sprint over 3/4 of a basketball court (75 feet or 22.86 meters).

When possible, we recommend testing with a 10 yard split. This requires 3 gates to include the 10 split, or only 2 gates if you do not have a split.

Lane Agility

The Lane Agility Drill is a test of agility in the basketball player. The running course is set up around the basketball key. This test is part of the fitness testing battery for the NBA Combine.

Lane agility.png

The T-Test is a simple running test of agility, involving forward, lateral, and backward movements, appropriate to a wide range of sports - but is especially common in basketball.

Reactive Shuttle

The reactive shuttle test is part of a fitness testing protocol for the NBA Combine. The players complete an agility circuit, first running to the right or left direction in response to a stimulus (light). This drill uses a stationary start and requires 1 timing gate and 2 React modules.

NBA Reactive Shuttle.png
Vertical Jump

The vertical jump test is a test of lower body power and has been performed for over 100 years. When using Dashr|Jump hardware for this test you will need a Vertec or similar vane based system, and we will make it smart! You can also manually enter jump measurements into the Dashr app.

Vertical Jump.png

Getting biometric/anthropometric data on your athletes is key for both evaluation and tracking progress. You can record bio data manually through the Dashr app, or you can use our BioStation to automate these measurements.

Visit our forum for additional details, FAQs, and specifics on drills - all on a searchable platform where you can also ask questions and share experiences.
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