What is the Dashr 2.0 timing system?

The Dashr timing system is operated with a mobile application, using your smartphone or tablet – Android (API 21 or newer) or iOS (version 10.0 or newer) compatible device (not included with the purchase of a Dashr system). It is because of this app we are able to price our systems so affordably, as we do not have to supply a control module – you likely have one in your pocket. The required Bluetooth communication protocol does limit us to a maximum range of 60 yards.

The 2.0 timing gates consist of a laser, reflector, and two tripods – the different “Kits” contain different quantities of gates. The more gates you have, the more flexibility you have. The gates are modular and can each be used as a start, stop, or split gate. They can also be used for multiple drills at once. For instance, if you had four gates (Elite Kit) you can do a 40 yard dash with a 10 and 20 split (start – 1, 10 split – 1, 20 split – 1, and stop – 1), two lanes of the 40 with no splits, or a 40, 5-10-5, and L-drill all at the same time. You just need a separate smartphone or tablet for each lane/drill.

Though Dashr was founded in 2016 with smaller programs/trainers in mind, it is now used by countless D1 universities, movement research facilities, and professional teams worldwide.

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