Dashr Announces Partnership with Redline Athletics, bringing State-of-the-Art Performance Testing Technology to Athletes Nationwide

September 28, 2023 // SCOTTSDALE – Dashr has announced a partnership with Redline Athletics.

Redline Athletics prides themselves on building better athletes and have been successful at this for over a decade. As a rapidly growing franchise in a quickly evolving industry, keeping up with the latest technology is important to help their athletes meet their goals and be prepared for future opportunities. Partnering with Dashr (a sports technology company) ensures that Redline facilities, coaches, and athletes will always have the latest tools to evaluate their athletic journey.

“We’re dedicated to the continuous improvement of our athletes, and this partnership with Dashr underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge solutions,” said Phil Padilla, National Director of Athletic Development at Redline Athletics. “Integrating Dashr’s innovative solutions will significantly enhance our speed and agility testing and training program. Overall, this technology is poised to elevate the performance and potential of every athlete that walks through our doors.”

“Performance testing is not only an accurate unbiased evaluation, it is an experience. Athletes who have not had this experience are at a disadvantage to those who have. Our mission at Dashr is to make those experiences accessible to athletes at all levels by providing professional equipment at an affordable price.” Said Chase Pfeifer, Dashr CEO. “Redline’s staff is a knowledgeable group of professionals and their facilities are top-of-the-line. A fantastic atmosphere for young athletes. We are ecstatic to be working with Redline to help provide these testing experiences through a national presence.”

Redline has 50 locations nationwide and is rapidly expanding. Having consistent athletic evaluations across all locations creates an important standard for both coaches and athletes. This partnership demonstrates the value of that standard.

About Redline:

Redline Athletics, a well-respected franchise with over a decade of experience, is known for its impressive track record in nurturing outstanding athletes. Through a steadfast dedication to employing state-of-the-art technology and expert coaching, Redline Athletics empowers athletes to unlock their full potential and sets them on a path to success in the world of sports and beyond. For additional information, please visit https://redlineathletics.com.

About Dashr:

By providing a robust yet affordable suite of performance evaluation equipment and data management software, Dashr has become a disruptive force in the world of sports technology. Though originally designed for the high school coach – Dashr is now used by thousands of coaches across 50+ countries in schools, gyms, club teams, universities, hospitals, research facilities, and professional teams. Learn more at www.dashrsystems.com.


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