Laser & Reflector Set-up

A Dashr | Blue timing gate consists of a laser and a reflector. When the laser is properly aimed at the reflector, the light bounces back to a sensor in the laser – creating a break-beam timing gate.

Set-up is simple!

Screw the laser and reflector on to the appropriate tripod: mini for hand starts – 3-point stance, and regular tripods for body starts, splits, and finish gates.

Note that when outdoors you should follow our Tips for Outdoor Operation which include angling the laser down at the reflector to reduce the impact of the sun. We also recommend the laser and reflector to be about 6 ft apart with the sun located behind the reflector so that you hit the shaded side of the athlete.

When timing off hand movement use the mini tripods so that the laser is just a couple inches off the ground.

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