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There are two rules of thought on the vertical jump. Touch height minus reach, and center of mass displacement. There is certainly a place for both of them in sports science and athletic evaluation. Touch height minus reach is captured by using a vane based system – like the Vertec. Dashr|Jump attaches to your Vertec to better automate that process.

Technology such as jump mats and IMUs can be used to measure center of mass displacement. These work by measuring how long the athlete is in the air and using projectile physics to convert that time to a vertical distance. We decided to build out the capability to do this with our Dashr | Blue lasers.

  • Set-up a Dashr | Blue laser and reflector on a solid surface (court, track, etc. – avoid grass/turf) without tripods.
  • Go to Vertical Jump on the main page of the Dashr App
  • Select “Blue Laser Assisted”
  • Select the laser you want to use and connect it
  • Connect a display or RFID module if you are using them
  • Press Start Testing

Check-in your athlete (optional) and then press the Set button. Have the athlete step into the laser. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE LASER IS ON THEIR TOE – AT OR DISTAL FROM THEIR KNUCKLES. Having the laser proximal to the knuckles will result in inaccurate results.

Similar to a jump mat, instruct the athlete to jump without tucking their knees and land flat footed in the laser. See the video below as an example. Once they land back in the laser, it will present their vertical jump result!

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