Dashr’s Tuesday Tips!

Each week we post a short video to help you get the most out of your Dashr system! In this article we list them all so you can catch-up if you’d like.


Create an account – Make sure you create a Dashr account to have access to all our system’s features. It is quick, simple, and free!


Create a roster and add an athlete – You need to add athletes to your account if you want to save their data. Better organize them by creating Rosters and adding athletes to them. Visit our Dashboard to get started!



Make sure you register your devices to your phone or tablet. Once registered, the app will remember them. Note that if you are using multiple phones you will need to register your equipment with each phone.


If you are adding more than one athlete to your account it is typically faster to upload them. Simply download our template, add their names to the spreadsheet and press upload.


The Dash and Fly are two of our most popular drills. The only difference is how you start – static/in-beam start for the Dashr and a moving start for the Fly. Note the laser set-up in this video when testing outside.


Roster Spots are your key to saving time and automating testing. They are credited to your account and are used when you add athletes. Each athlete needs a Roster Spot, there are no monthly or yearly subscriptions – just a simple one-time credit.


How to check in athletes on the app – select from a list or search by name or Badge ID. Keeping it simple!


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