What comes in the D1 Premier Package?

The ability to measure and display speed, agility, and power while automatically saving results. An athletic performance index can also be calculated using this data.

Electronic Timing

The included Dashr|Blue 4-Gate system allows you to test sprints, such as a dash or a fly. Laps on a track. Agility drills like the 5-10-5, T-Test, L-Drill, 5-0-5, etc. This is all controlled using your phone or tablet. You can run a single drill using all 4 gates – like a 40yd dash with splits at 10 and 20. Or you can split them up and have multiple drills active at once!

Check out all the drills available and how to operate them here: https://www.dashrsystems.com/drills/

Jump Measurement

The included Dashr|Jump system allows you to electronically measure broad jump and vertical jump (when used in combination with a Vertec). The drastically streamlines testing and improves accuracy.

To learn more about Dashr|Jump and how to operate these drills, follow this link: https://www.dashrsystems.com/shop/jump-testing/

Presentation of Results

All testing results pop up in the app as soon as they are collected, but D1 likes to do it right and present times to their athlete on a larger stage. Using our Display results are presented in the gym for everyone to see – boosting competition and building morale.

Here is some more information on the Dashr|Display: https://www.dashrsystems.com/shop/dashr-display/

Athlete Management

Our online Dashboard is where everything comes together. Yes you can write down results as you collect them, but that takes a lot of time and there is opportunity for human error in copying it all over to a spreadsheet. Using our online Dashboard and Roster Spots allows the testing results to flow directly from your phone/tablet to the cloud.

Now you can create leaderboard, quickly view historical results for an athlete, integrate with other platforms, and much more.

Learn more about how to operate our Dashboard here: https://www.dashrsystems.com/2023/01/dashboard-operation-tips-tutorials/

Performance Reports

As part of the D1 Premier Package you get a 2-year license to access our Epley Advantage Performance Index reports. The Epley API has proven to be a valuable tool for identifying athletic talent and evaluating an athlete’s improvements. It consists of Speed, Agility, and Power tests and using the size of the athlete to give an unbiased score of athleticism.

Learn more about the Epley API here: https://www.dashrsystems.com/partners/epley-advantage-index/

D1 Premier Package

  • 4-Gate Dashr|Blue Timing System
  • Dashr|Jump
  • Dashr|Display
  • 1200 Roster Spots (credits to add 1200 athletes onto the Dashboard)
  • 2 Year Epley API License

Interested in getting the D1 Premier Package or have questions about how to get the most out of your system? Please reach out via email at vasb@qnfueflfgrzf.pbz or schedule a call.

Want to expand your system?

We also offer Dashr|React for reaction training and testing like the Reactive Shuttle and the Reactive Agility Test (Y-Test).

If you want to accurately and efficiently capture height, weight, reach, and wingspan – our BioStation allows just that. It can be set-up on a wall in the gym, connected to a weight rack, or installed on a frame for transportation.

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