What is the Dashr|Blue timing system?

Dashr|Blue is our new line of timing gates released in 2022. Blue features an updated Bluetooth communication protocol that extends range up to 100+ yards* and allows for quicker set-up. We have also developed a high heat restive laser to perform better on those hot summer testing days. Our Blue systems also feature a new reflector that has more usable surface area along with a shade to reduce interference from external light.

We have also added in additional instructions and videos with the release of this new laser. This information is available in the app and online.

2.0 lasers will continue to be supported, but for a limited time you can upgrade your 2.0 lasers to Dashr|Blue at a reduced cost.

*Range can be impacted by the quality of device you are using for the app (phone/tablet) and environmental factors.

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