ROI for Gyms/Businesses

  1. Client Acquisition
  2. Client Retention

These are the two main challenges in running most any business, perhaps even more so in the health and fitness industry.

As gym owners and personal trainers you know that you are going to have high turnover. If you deal with youth, at some point they are going to graduate or lose interest in their sport. For adults, you will have your long-term regulars but you will have ups and downs of people who gain and loose interest.

So, the questions are: How do I gain more clients? – & – How do I keep them coming back?

There are a LOT of potential answers to these questions, and in today’s ever evolving world you need to have several ways to differentiate yourself from your competition. We’d like to help you with that. Here are a few ways you can use Dashr to attract more clients and keep them coming back.

Client Acquisition

  • Visit local schools and provide free/low-cost performance testing.

Building relationships with schools in your area creates a feeder system for your gym. Offer to provide performance testing (10yd dash, Pro-Agility, and vertical or broad jump) for a gym class or sport specific combines for their teams. Show up on the field or court with your portable Dashr system and test their athletes. Now you have started to build a relationship with the school admins/coaches and have the athletes excited to get better.

Use our Epley Advantage Performance Index to quickly give each athlete a report outlining where currently stand and let them know that working with you they are certain to improve. These reports can include your logo along with instructions/contact information for the athletes to share with their parents.

  • Host testing/combine events at your gym or a local field.

This will take a bit more marketing (event announcement on social media, fliers at local tournaments/games, etc.), but if you are able to take a Saturday morning to put on a public combine you can meet hundreds of potential clients and gain their contact info. Again, you can quickly generate an Index Report for them to see how they performed and it can include information on your offerings in that report.

You could also charge a fee for these events to make sure you see a profit before ever signing a new client.

The Dashr Player Profile App will be released by the end of 2024 and there will be sponsors competitions both nation wide and localized to states/counties. Athletes will be looking for testing opportunities to build their recruiting profile and better their times. This will be another sell to get athletes to your events and in your gym!

Client Retention

  • Athletic Performance Index Reports

This one is simple, show clients (and parents when applicable) that they are improving. Our Epley Advantage Performance Index in an unbiased way to report their athletic abilities and give a percentile ranking of how they stack up against other athletes of their age and gender. This Index also takes into account the size of the athlete, so you can apples to apples compare larger/slower athletes to smaller/quicker athletes. If your athlete does not improve their 10 yd dash (for example) but gains 6 pounds of muscle while working with you – you will see an increase in their Index score because they are moving around more weight.

  • Test/Time often

Athletes are competitive. If lasers are out holding everyone accountable when sprint training, they are going to work harder and as a result there will be greater gains.

Displaying their times live on the Dashr|Display shows everyone in the room what the time was – fostering competition and growing moral. This adds another level of excitement and commitment to the process.

Potential clients who are visiting your facility will see this and want to be a part of that atmosphere, so frequent testing can also help with acquisition.

Dashr was built to allow everyone access to sports technology to help athletes achieve their immediate goals and be prepared for opportunities at the next level. As a result, Dashr is a tool for coaches and trainers to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Accurate. Consistent. Affordable. “Timing is Everything.”

Check out our packages tailored specifically to gyms.

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