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Figure Eight

Dashr | Blue - Operating the

The figure 8 drill in hockey is a skating drill that is designed to improve a player's agility, balance, and edge control.

Step-by-step instructions

This drill uses 1-5 Dashr|Blue Timing gates. You likely already have your devices registered, if not - please check out the Flying Drill as it is the same process.

Setting up the drill

  • You will use a 2-point start for this drill, so it will be a moving start.

  • Navigate to the drill by going to Sport Collections > Hockey > Figure Eight.

  • To set-up this drill you will have a starting gate on regular tripods extended to about waist height at the center of the rink. This starting gate also acts as the finish gate.

  • Option split lasers can be set-up at waist height at the Face-Off spots - make sure to orient the gates so that the athlete can skate through them withough running into tripods.

  • Power on all lasers, and connect them one at a time.

  • Once all devices are connected, press "Start Testing".

Running the drill

  • Check in the appropriate athlete (details here) - optional.

  • Have the athelte line up just behind the starting gate.

  • With QuickRun on, when the athlete moves through the starting gate -timing will start (time will turn blue - indicating that timing is taking place), and you get a result when you cross the next gate.

  • With QuickRun off (option in settings) you will see “Set” and “Reset” buttons to give you control of when a test starts. Press "Set" once the athlete is ready to take off. Press "Reset" to clear the time for the next athlete.

  • Have the athlete take off and follow the path outlined in the schematic above, following a figure eight pattern around the rink.

  • Each included split laser/gate will give you a split time, finishing through the starting gate will give you the final time.

Visit our forum for additional details, FAQs, and specifics on drills - all on a searchable platform where you can also ask questions and share experiences.

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