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Running speed, acceleration, and agility are very important physical attributes for cricket players, particularly for moving between the wickets and when fielding. The Run-a-Three Test is a cricket fitness test that assesses both speed and agility in a very specific cricket situation. The run-a-three involves sprinting over the actual pitch distance three times, carrying a bat and incorporating two 180 degree turns. This test not only assesses speed, but also technique on the turn and running the bat in at the end.

Step-by-step instructions

This drill uses 2 or 3 Dashr|Blue Timing gates (3 if you have the 5 split). You likely already have your devices registered, if not - please check out the Flying Drill as it is the same process.

Setting up the drill

  • To get to this drill go to Sport Collections > Cricket > Run-a-Three.

  • To set-up this drill you will have a starting gate on mini tripods.

  • Set-up the finish laser on mini tripods or regular tripods at the lowest setting.

  • Power on all lasers, and connect them one at a time.

  • Once all devices are connected, press "Start Testing".

Running the drill

  • Check in the appropriate athlete (details here) - optional.

  • The run-a-three test involves three repeated maximal sprint trials to be performed over the same distance as between the batting creases on a cricket pitch (58 feet or 17.68 meters). The players carry their cricket bat (and can also be wearing cricket kit such as pads and helmet). They start running from one end, run to the other crease where they turn and run back to the starting line, turn again then run through the final line. The starting position is with the foot over the starting line with the bat in hand. Players should slide the bat over the crease mark at each end when turning and at the finish.

  • With QuickRun on, block the start laser with the bat until you get the “GO!” message. Leave the laser when you want, and you get a result when you cross the next gate.

  • With QuickRun off (option in settings) you will see “Set” and “Reset” buttons to give you control of when a test starts. Press "Set" once the athlete's bat is in the laser and ready to take off. Press "Reset" to clear the time for the next athlete.

Visit our forum for additional details, FAQs, and specifics on drills - all on a searchable platform where you can also ask questions and share experiences.

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