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Operating the Lane Agility

The Lane Agility Drill is a test of agility in the basketball player. The running course is set up around the basketball key. This test is part of the fitness testing battery for the SPARQ basketball and NBA Combine. This drill uses a moving start and requires 1 timing gate.
Lane agility.png
Step-by-step instructions:

- Install batteries in each laser you plan to use.

- Install/open the Dashr app on your phone or tablet. (Create an account here if you have not already)

- Register each laser in the app - Navigate to the "Device Registration" button at the bottom, power on the lasers one at a time and select them from the "Available" list and assign them a number. Write that number on your laser. (This only has to be done the first time you use the laser with this phone/tablet)
- Return to the home menu, go to "Sport Collections" at the top, select Basketball, then select Lane Agility.

- Screw the laser onto a taller tripod, positioned so that the beam is around hip height.

- Screw a reflector onto a matching tripod and position laser and reflectors across from each other to create a line to pass through. Make sure you line this up with the top of the key (free throw line) - See schematic and video at top of page.

- With the laser on, select the appropriate laser (the ID you assigned it) from the drop-down menu and press the "Connect" button. If it does not work the first time, repeat.

- Once all devices are connected, press the "Start Testing" button.

- Check in the appropriate athlete (details here) - optional.

- With QuickRun on, move through the starting gate to begin timing (time will turn blue - indicating that timing is taking place), and you get a result when you cross the gate again.

- With QuickRun off (option in settings) you will see “Set” and “Reset” buttons to give you control of when a test starts. Press "Set" once the athlete is ready to take off. Press "Reset" to clear the time for the next athlete.
Visit our forum for additional details, FAQs, and specifics on drills - all on a searchable platform where you can also ask questions and share experiences.
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